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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Finding out that we will be having a baby later this year was a shock to the system…on a lot of levels. Our love for traveling was just one factor we discussed on how that would look once the baby arrived. The reality is, it is possible but will be a lot more work with packing, planning and may even limit some of the activities we like to do until the baby is older.

Soo to whoever created the Babymoon…THANK YOU! The concept is basically one last real vacation as a couple before your first baby arrives. Now of course, this vacation will be a little different than others you may have taken before, as the soon to be momma will be limited on her activities (no scuba diving, alcohol, etc.) but still a vacation is always what you make it.

For our Babymoon, we decided to hit up a few National Parks we had yet to explore- Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

We flew into Las Vegas and drove out to Panguitch, UT to start our journey into Bryce Canyon. We wanted to spend more time at Zion so decided to try to tackle Bryce in half a day if possible.

We took our trip at the end of June and the park was busy (but nothing compared to Zion.) We headed first to the Visitor’s Center to get the park guide, Passport stamp and a few souvenirs.


Jason suggested we drive all the way out to the far point first and work out way back. This would give us the chance to break away from the crowd and would allow us to see the entirety of the park before we confirmed where we wanted to spend our time. Plus, it was 18 miles of pure beauty.

TIP: His suggestion led to the best decision we made with exploring the park. By driving out the far point first, all of the main stops and lookouts would be on our right as we made our way back toward exiting the park. No left turns and super easy pop in and pop outs for the overlooks.

For a full map of the park, Click Here.

Our Journey Into Bryce Canyon

Rainbow Point & Bristlecone Loop

Our 18 mile drive to the end of the park, ended at Rainbow Point. The views were incredible. We hiked the short Bristlecone Loop which included an impressive overlook that included a distant view of the Grand Staircase.


Ponderosa Canyon, Agua Canyon & Natural Bridge

We then made our way back toward the entrance and stopped at Ponderosa Canyon, Agua Canyon and the Natural Bridge overlooks and enjoyed the unique views.

Bryce Amphitheater

Bryce Point, Inspiration Point, Thor’s Hammer, Wall Street, Sunrise Point, Queen’s Garden & Sunset Point

We then got back into the more popular section of the park which is called the Bryce Amphitheater. Our first stop was Bryce Point and this was the first main area full of all the hoodoos we had been expecting. There is a paved overlook area or you can take a rim trail if you wish to explore more off the beaten path.

Inspiration Point, Sunset Point and Sunrise Points are some of the more popular areas in the park. This is where you can see Thor’s Hammer and Wall Street.

The most popular hike is the Queen’s Garden which takes you straight down into the Hoodoos. The Navajo Loop combo with the Queen’s Garden was closed when we were there due to trail maintenance issues. With me being 7 months pregnant in the full desert heat, the fact of hiking straight down to turn around and hike straight back up didn’t excite me much so we hiked around the rim and enjoyed the views from the top.


We only spent about 3-4 hours in the park total and I feel we really accomplished all that we wanted during that time. And it didn’t feel rushed. Plus we get to show the baby these photos one day and take him back here when he's older….so my little Junior Ranger can get his own stamp.


Where We Stayed

We stayed at a small but private Airbnb about 20 minutes down the road, which was part of a 110 acre Ranch. The new owner was really nice and gave us his future visions for his property. It was a really nice getaway with no TV and a fire pit. I taught Jason how to play Rummy and he whooped me (beginner’s luck 😊) but we still had a blast unwinding.

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If you have been to Bryce Canyon in the past, let us know what your favorite part of the park was. If you haven’t been yet, let us know what you are most looking forward to.

Less Stress, (and with another National Park stamp!)


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