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	How to Score 2 Roundtrip Flights for $22.40

How to Score 2 Roundtrip Flights for $22.40

Three words… Southwest. Companion. Pass.

Up until last year, we had the Hilton Honors credit card to make the most of our work expenses since we prefer to stay at Hilton properties. We were able to get a lot of free hotel rooms that way collecting points. We finally made it to Diamond, which means we traveled (mostly for work) A LOT.

However, Hilton decided they were changing their credit card from Visa to American Express. If you’ve ever had an American Express card, you know they are not accepted everywhere and are kind of a pain. Plus, the perks of being a Hilton Honors member weren’t as great as they once were when we first started. Being Diamond didn’t get us treated any better than when we were Gold, with the exception of access to special parking spots – which always seem to be occupied.

It was time for a change. I heard about the Southwest credit card from my friend, Kathy. She also tries to make the most of her business expenses and had recently earned a companion pass. When I applied, they gave us 50,000 points just for signing up and spending $1,000 in the first 3 months. You need to earn 110,000 points by December 31st to qualify for the Companion pass, and they allow you to use your sign on bonus points toward that goal. (They are currently offering 40,000 as the sign on bonus as of 4/30/19.)

The awesome thing is if you meet 110,000 points BEFORE the end of the year then your companion pass starts immediately, and you retain it for the entire next year! That means for every flight you book, your companion gets to come along for FREE (actually $11.20 per roundtrip flight for fees/taxes) for as long as you have an active pass.

At the time we signed up, we were doing some major remodeling around our home, so it was the perfect opportunity to put everything on the card to make the companion pass happen. We put EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE on the credit card but made sure to pay it off EVERY SINGLE MONTH to avoid getting into debt or paying interest. The purpose is to make the most of our money, not get ourselves into a hole.



For every dollar you spend on your card, you will get one Southwest point to apply towards future flights. For every dollar you spend on Southwest Airline purchases or one of their hotel or car rental partners, you get 2 points. The points are unlimited and don’t expire as long as your account is open. They even are better than some husbands as they give you 3,000 points for your annual cardmember anniversary.

There is an annual fee with the credit card but after the savings on the flight you won’t even blink an eye. For the personal credit card, it is $69 per year. They offer other cards with different perks and annual fees for businesses, etc.

The sign on bonus points are an equivalent to at least one free flight. I redeem an average of 20,000 points per roundtrip flight on some of my prior trips. Since Southwest was offering 50,000 points at my time of signing up, that was 2+ ROUNDTRIP FLIGHTS. Not bad for only $69!

They let you buy points as well if you are a just a bit shy from a redeeming a free flight.

Once you hit 110,000 points, you automatically earn the companion pass. They don’t deduct points for the pass so that means you and your companion have lots of points to take advantage of.


  • Save your money on travel insurance. Southwest has the best cancellation policy that I’ve came across. No questions asked and you get a full refund, whether you spent points or cash. You even get your taxes and fees reimbursed.

  • 2 FREE BAGS!! 2 free checked bags per person. We just paid $30 for one checked bag on American Airlines. Ugh…Southwest please fly to Myrtle Beach ASAP!

  • If you have a child under age 2, they fly for free.

  • You can change your companion up to 3 times per year. I read that you cannot have a pending reservation with one companion when requesting to change to another but there were a few articles I came across that explained how to work around that. I haven’t had to change my companion, so I don’t have any personal testimony to give.

  • They have alot of direct flights, which to me means less chance of lost luggage or getting delayed/stuck at your layover.


The awesome thing about the companion pass is that it works whether you pay full price in cash for your flight or if you book your flight by redeeming points. So for our trip, I used 19,000 ish points to book my flight and my companion, Jason, got a free flight. You have to pay taxes and fees which equals $11.20 a person making our total… $22.40 plus 4 free bags and snacks/drinks on the flights.

IMG_5262 (1).jpg

My flight was redeemed with points.


Jason’s flight with the Companion Pass.…. Sadly we had to cancel this trip which is why I know how awesome their cancellation policy is. We got 100% back of our points and even the fees and taxes were fully refunded.

Please use my referral link HERE so I can get bonus points towards my next companion pass, especially since our remodeling is FINALLY complete!

Any questions or tips flying Southwest, drop me a comment.

Less Stress and safe travels,


I was not sponsored by Southwest for this post, but I would love to get the referral points they offer. 😊

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