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Reality Bites!  Self-Care Budgeting

Reality Bites! Self-Care Budgeting

Do you talk yourself out of getting a massage because you have no time? Do you exhaust yourself caring for others only to realize you have left no energy for you? Do you guilt yourself about spending money on yourself?

Me too to all the above.

I know self care is important, but it’s so hard to actually DO. On the surface, it seems as if self-care is all massages, chocolate and bath salts. In reality, it also includes some sucky parts. Working out, only eating the good stuff, ending toxic relationships, starting a new career…..But today we are only talking about the fun part!!

Self Care & Your Budget

In an effort to keep our budget as realistic as possible, we continue to update it as forgotten expenses appear. I was in desperate need of a massage and realized I had not included anything like that in our budget. That inspired me to create an entire Self Care line item in the budget.

Take some time and sit down and write out what self-care looks like for you. Your list will vary depending on your needs. What do you do for you each month or wish you did for yourself? Maybe it’s a manicure/pedicure, a facial, hair did, eyebrows waxed, new clothes, essential oils, supplements, gym membership, Raindrop Technique, a trip to visit a friend or lunch with your besties. Whatever you do that helps you take care of you.

When you actually write it all down, it seems like an awesome weekend spa experience, but all of these things together cost a ton of money. Unfortunately, the reality of budgeting means you have to narrow down your wish list to something that is more realistic for your finances. Try to aim high as you are worth it, but remember that this is a line item you can always cut during an extra tight month (but only as a last resort.)

To stretch your budget further, you can do some of the treatments yourself by having a home spa day. Or you can check out a local massage, esthetician, or hair school to see if they offer any great deals.

My Homework & Reality Check

I needed to start pricing out my wish list to see how much it all totaled. I prioritized the massage and texted our regular therapist, Sammi, to see when I could get in and confirm the pricing. She texted me back that she moved to MN and had a baby who was several months old. She wasn’t even pregnant last time I seen her! How did so much time pass since the last time I scheduled an appointment!? Yikes, we would miss her.

I called around to a few places and reluctantly set an appointment with Massage Envy. I normally shy away from big chains as I typically prefer to support locally owned businesses. I loved the fact that they also offered facials and waxing as that could save me time by getting multiple services done during one visit.

Massage Envy’s website only promoted membership rates online (suspicious…,) so I just decided to address all the pricing in person.

My First Massage Envy Experience

My new therapist was decent. I had a hard time relaxing at the beginning because I kept hearing this popping noise when she was rubbing my back. I knew I had a TON of knots back there but dang! Every rub was pop, pop, pop. What was she doing to me? Torture? Kungfu? I finally asked the therapist, and she told me it was her knuckles. WHEW! Time to chill out and just try to enjoy. They seriously need to turn the crashing waves white noise up a little louder so those of us plagued with paranoia can make it through. She could definitely benefit from Young Living’s AgilEase!

Massage Envy Membership: It’s worth joining, I promise!

After my massage, I went to check out. This is when they hit you with the membership spiel. I half listened for the first minute or so, but then she started talking about waiving something and additional services at reduce rates and a deep discount today. Magic words!

I asked her to repeat a few things and here was the skinny. My price today was $60 for an hour massage if I joined the membership or $95 if I didn’t.

If you join as a member, they automatically deduct $60 a month from your checking account on the date of your choice. That $60 then prepays for one credit. That credit is a choice of a 6o minute massage, a 60-minute stretch, a 30/30 min. stretch/massage combo or a 60 minute facial. The credits roll over from month to month if you don’t use them and can even be shared with friends and family for a small service charge fee. You can also use your credit at any of their locations and can cancel for a variety of reasons.

I asked the most important question. Do I have to use the same therapist? The answer was no and they suggest you give everyone a try. Ole’ Poppy hands could have been a deal breaker. I’ll take her a supplement sample when I pop in there next….get it. Ha!

THE BEST PART was that any services you get the same month you use up your credit then you get unlimited additional services for only $45 vs. the $60 membership rate. Plus today only, they agreed to waive the $50 membership fee. I don’t know if that is common or if it really was “today only.”

They do have a variety of “add on’s” available for each service for additional charges if your budget allows.

Read more about their membership here!

Additional Facial Add On’s Available

Additional Facial Add On’s Available

Advanced Skin Care Treatments offered

Advanced Skin Care Treatments offered

Massage Service and Add On’s Available

Massage Service and Add On’s Available

Stretch options available

Stretch options available

Additional Membership Details

Additional Membership Details


The membership pricing fit perfectly with my self-care budgeting. The fact that they are also taking my deduction up front is my reminder to go get a massage. Clearly I need a monthly reminder since I didn’t get a massage the entire time Sammi was pregnant. Plus, for only $105 I can get a 6o minute massage AND a 60 minute facial. That’s the exact price of just an hour facial at Escape Day Spa here in Nashville. They probably charge more because Nicole Kidman has been seen there…..fancy.

I signed up that day as I felt it was exactly on point with what I had wanted and needed for my self-care AND my budget.

I got my first credit right before the holidays. We were visiting family out of town for Christmas and I saw that there was a Massage Envy location right down the road from them. I scheduled a massage and then a facial (next time I will do it in reverse.) I had no issues transferring my credit and the only extra charge after my credit was the $45 for my facial and gratuity. My treatments there were uneventful, and my therapists were great.😊.


So there is the truth about my prior self-care maintenance. It was pretty much sporadic at best. From my research and experience to date, I will admit that even for a chain- the value, locations, and multiple services under one roof makes Massage Envy a top contender. I am now proud to say I’m have a membership there.

If you haven’t done something for you in a while, here is your sign. I’ve done all the research for you and all you have to do is go treat yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!

Please tell them my name so I can get a referral credit! Thanks in advance 😊

Less Stress,


(Jessica Schultz for referral purposes! Also not to be confused with the Olympian curler, my main location is in Mt. Juliet, TN)

-This is my personal opinion and experience. I was not sponsored by Massage Envy. These rates reflect pricing in Mt. Juliet, TN in January 2019.

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