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Save $1500 by Cutting the Cable Cord

Save $1500 by Cutting the Cable Cord

We will be saving close to $1,500 this coming year by one small sacrifice…. no MTV. I shouldn’t be that upset since they don’t even play music videos anymore but I do love me some Teen Mom.

I have been researching ways to drop cable for some time now. We are self proclaimed TV snobs so finding something diverse enough that worked for both my husband’s wants and mine was a bit challenging.

My husband loves soccer. He loves it so much that he gets up at 6 am on the weekends sometimes to watch his favorite team play since they are in England and the time difference sucks. He had 2 soccer channels that he would not give up.

I myself love trashy tv. The Real Housewives of any city and Teen Mom are my favorites but after thinking about the potential savings, I honestly could let them both go. I could be doing better things with my time anyways…like working on this blog.

We also both love South Park so Comedy Central was a must. We already had subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime, which we primarily only watched movies on.

I looked high and low at every alternative cable source I could find. We tried PlayStation Vue, but it didn’t have the soccer channels. Hulu also didn’t have the cable channels we wanted. Direct TV wouldn’t work since we have massive trees around our home and they advised that we would have service issues. The list goes on, but all led to a dead end.

Sling TV’s website referenced most of the channels we wanted so I signed us up for their 7-day free trial. We quickly found out that our ‘Smart’ TV was one year older than the Sling compatible TVs. I cancelled Sling that day before I forgot so that they couldn’t sucker me into an extra month of a subscription I couldn’t use.

Feeling defeated, I started to accept the fact that we would be stuck with cable forever or eventually have to give up a few guilty pleasures that brought us joy. A few weeks later we got our cable and internet bill in the mail and it increased from $180 a month to $205 since our 2-year price lock was up on the cable/internet combo. $205! Yikes.

Quickly I went back to researching to find something cheaper. All my results lead me back to Sling. Sling Blue had both soccer channels Jason wanted, Bravo for me and Comedy Central for both of us for $25! I can live without the $5 Add-On Upgrade that included MTV and probably can find Teen Mom online somewhere if I really wanted to. But remember we already tried Sling and it wasn’t compatible with our TV. Plus we only watch shows in HD (I said we are TV snobs) and still wanted to use the surround sound that we currently own. Because our TV was not compatible during the trial, I couldn’t confirm if Sling really would meet all our needs.

Since I had completed an account with Sling previously to get the 7-day free trial, I was on their email list. They sent a promotional email that with 2 months of prepaid service to Sling, they will send you a free Roku Express. I checked into the Roku and confirmed that it would make our TV compatible with Sling.

The Roku costs $50 on its own and 2 months of Sling totaled $50 so it was worth the gamble.

Our Roku was shipped free and arrived within days, well before the promised delivery date. It was very easy to install, and the receiver is tiny compared to the massive cable box we had.

The Roku Remote IMPRESSED me the most. It has buttons on the remote to automatically start Netflix, Sling, and Hulu once you get your accounts set up. Super easy for someone like myself who always seems to screw the settings up on the remotes. Or I take forever typing in my long email address with a tiny remote and forget my passwords half the time.


Netflix and Chill…for real with a little Stress Away in your Desert Mist diffuser. Check out more about essential oils here. Plus isn’t that remote pretty cool?

The Roku allows you easy access to all your favorite alternative cable options by one access point. For a HUGE time saver, search for what you want to find on the Roku homepage. It will pull up all the services that have that option and if it is free or how much extra it costs. We didn’t discover this and wasted an enormous amount of time searching Netflix, Sling, Amazon Prime and Hulu individually to see if we could find what we wanted. Check out what other features and channels the Roku has here.

Plus there is NO CONTRACT WITH SLING TV…I repeat NO CONTRACT. That means you can leave when you want, you don’t have to call every few months and haggle your bill down lower or agree to a 2 year contract for a lower price.

Aside from our wish list of channels mentioned above, we get many more channels on Sling that we enjoy like HGTV, Food Network and National Geographic.

Still in TV snob fashion we did end up signing up for the DVR option for an extra $5 a month. The shows are all in HD and the Roku plugged right into our current surround sound receiver.

After watching Sling for just one night, we were relieved that we could finally cut the cable cord. I called the cable provider first thing the very next morning and was ready to hear about all the “great promotions” that they could offer to keep me as a customer. I politely told the customer service representative that I wanted to cancel cable but keep internet and to my surprise no sales tactics were pushed upon me.

Priest was excited to get to ride along with me to return our equipment and finally release us the cable spell we were under for the last 20 years.

Priest is thinking he got an extra $1,500 to spend on treats.

Priest is thinking he got an extra $1,500 to spend on treats.

I hope this post encourages you that you CAN live cable free without sacrificing all of your favorite channels.

Check out Sling here and if you sign up with my referral link, we BOTH get $5 off for the first 3 months. Thanks in advance 😊 Also get a 30 day free trial with Hulu to see if they got all your wish list channels.

Less Stress and $1,500 richer,


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